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Saturday, 24-Nov-2012 17:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Using Android smart 3G a8188 down 281 Yuan

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) on November 5, 2010, more general up A8188 (licensed importers) today in businesses "Beijing Sheng pass innovation technology limited" Xia reported out has 3,399 Yuan of latest price, and zhiqian price 3,680 Yuan compared to again big drop 281 Yuan. the machine for licensed importers with votes, accessories including single electric single filled, headset, data line. more general up A8188 is a paragraph aboard Android operating system of TD smart phone. figure for more general up A8188 More general up A8188 used mainstream of bar touch screen modeling design, appearance fashion atmospheric. fuselage positive for a 16 million color 3.7 inches of AMOLED capacitor touch screen, resolution up to 480x800 pixel, tie HTC SENSE of user interface, machine displayed effect extremely stunning. in its behind equipped with has a shells 5 million pixel of camera, overall Imaging effect quite excellent. more general up A8188 aboard has Android 1.6 of smart operating system, System run under the 600MHz of the CPU clock speed to ensure smooth. Furthermore 3G tailored A8188 is a mobile phone, support TD-SCDMA network standard, mainstream machine powerful. diagram using A8188 diagram for using up to date using A8188 A8188 2010 standard GSM phones, Material color AMOLED screen TD-SCDMA screen main screen size: 3.7 inch 16 million color main screen parameters CPU clock speed 480x800 pixel camera head 600 500 Bluetooth support WIFI function of support for the WAPI capabilities support the GPS features built in GPS support A-GPS edit comment: using A8188 Chinese named "ruyi" is facing a a smart phone for domestic users, Fuselage support TD-SCDMA network standard, while also built-in has rich of mobile custom service, in whole 3G of big environment Xia performance good. While A8188 is licensed importers, but mainstream of WIFI,GPS, features also are a many, makes of practicality more full excellent. today the machine again big drop 281 Yuan, reported out has 3,399 Yuan of latest price, has like of friends may wish to consider about. more general up A8188 (licensed importers)[ reference price] 3399 Yuan % 5 seller shengtong] Beijing auspicious innovation science and technology b [ business phone] 400-810-7771 01062680610[ store address, Zhongguancun West, Haidian District, Beijing,] 10th 718 , 1 1 building, caihefang road above mobile phone price quotations for purchase, if you find that dealers give quotations in this article does not comply with article, please call the complaint phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone is a telephone complaints, will not be considered Advisory product price) * due to price fluctuations, Complaints for a period of 7 days from the date on which the article is published.

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Dual camera photographed! touch millions of VoIP phones launched

Recently, Japan UBIN company officially launched a wireless phone called Ubiquitous Communicator. this phone only has a four-way navigation pad, super touch-sensitive keyboard which uses the touch operation. However, in function Ubiquitous Communicator, but rather weak, move it not only configure a 32-bit RISC CPU, And is paragraph while support wireless LAN and the Bluetooth communications features of products, also, it has two a camera, a for 300,000 pixel, another for 2 million pixel. this paragraph phone support full of Chinese displayed and the Japanese displayed, is a paragraph simple of wireless IP communications device, so does not with General of GSM, or CDMA communications features. it of antenna used 13.56 MHz&2.45 GHz double built-in antenna, Supports full VOIP phone wireless network capabilities. communication devices such as SD,MINISD are supported on external storage interfaces. in terms of multimedia, Ubiquitous Communicator built-in MPEG Player, smooth playing video file, and browse to a JPEG image, zoom in, zoom out, flip, etc. also, the cameras also support fingerprint authentication capabilities with strong security, Is the first wireless IP phones with similar features. CPU : 32 bit RISC chip shows VGA (480 x 640 elements ) built-in communication function: : 13.56 MHz&2.45 GHz dual antenna wireless LAN , Bluetooth antenna built-in support for card type : SD x 1 , miniSD x 1 , SIM ( ETRON) x 1 camera: 30 pixel x 1 , 200 pixel x 1 infrared I/ F : x 1 entered, output x 1 certification organisms: x 1 fingerprint authentication unit voice: stereo speakers, microphone, headphone outputs private ASIC : animation and static art Accelerator, video capture card, password handling external interface series I/ F , USB , other size Weight: 144 x 76 x 15 mm/196 g

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To make way for the w900i Europe Edition Sony Ericsson w800i d

Originally thought Sony Ericsson WALKMAN family new members--W900i of listed will on licensed importers market in the of W800c and W550c caused shock, but no thought of is, W900i and W800i in parallel market in the is expand has one fierce of tore killed. today we Zhongguancun online phone channel from cooperation dealer--"Beijing Dragon hearing made technology limited" there are message, Europe version W800i of price has quietly dropped has 2,850 Yuan, and accessories complete, Compared to the current mainstream W800c universal positioning many of the more than 3,600 Yuan price advantage. for Sony Ericsson W800i Sony Ericsson music phone W800i you can play the current widely used both MP3 and AAC music file formats, 30MB fuselage memory and the attached gift of capacity for 0.5GB of memory rod can all used to storage user favorite of songs, about equivalent to 10 to 12 a CD album of songs capacity. random CD in the features powerful of Disk2Phone music software, guarantee has management of easy sexual, and can shortcut convenient to will CD album in the of music through computer directly transmission to phone Shang, and easily to for browse, and find, and Transmission and delete, features operation. the machine compared to K750c another a powerful of Department on is have has flight mode, and can continuous play 16 hours of music. figure for Sony Ericsson music phone W800i other area casque monster beats, W800 and K750 on comparison similar has. built-in 2 million pixel automatically focus camera, support 4 times times digital zoom, and has macro mode, also support multiple white balance and Photo DJ photo edit and Video DJ such as simple splice applications. 260,000 colors TFT screen has a resolution of 176x220 pixels, 40 polyphonic ring tones system supports MP3, built-in FM FM radio, with infrared transfer, Bluetooth and data cable and other wired and wireless ways. maximum capacity will be recognized as the 2GB of Memory Stick Duo. Sony Ericsson W800 can also use Flash as a flashlight, is handy for often need to go at night friends. diagram for Sony Ericsson music phones W800i xiaobian introduced so much, I do not know whether you have echocardiography? Main configurations of the machine, and a linear charger for a battery and one wire, a pair of in-ear stereo headphones, a data line, a short 512MB for memory stick beats by dre, an adapter, a CD and a number of these instructions, massive numbers of visitors before the purchase be sure to inventory. ZOL mobile channels Beijing Dragon technology limited address dealer name Gongzhufen southeast corner of Eagles buildingPhone 010-63969833 13126633633 Joe

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1.4ghz step by step vivo smartphones debuting

Recently, I refused to believe a step by step also Smartphone model configurations that are not listed, but man is surprised, the models hardware configuration of a very high standard, there may be will be a culmination of the high-end smartphone market. Zhongguancun online "VIVO" imaginary figure series smartphones aircraft will be powered by Android OS V2.3.3 Smart system, equipment a star 1.4GHz frequency of Qualcomm MSM8255 processor, is currently smart phone Shang most top of processor one, and for its equipped with has a 4 inches high resolution touch controlled screen, support WCDMA high-speed 3G network, has a star 8 million pixel camera, Qian reset a star 1.3 million pixel of secondary camera, built-in 16GB large capacity store space, and fuselage thickness only has 8.9 mm. music gene does not dropped Previously has message said step step high will will launched a main high-end market of "VIVO" smart phone child brand, and this exposure models of configuration does very powerful, if does not out accident, then this paragraph models is may is step step high "VIVO" series of smart phone which a paragraph. features complete of music play interface and well-known, step step high in music phone area has been is quite achievements casque monster beats, this exposure of "VIVO" series smart phone also will will inheritance this a "music gene", Including integrated has a star professional of YAMAHA music chip, have SRS acoustic restore technology and BBE controlled tone technology. new of LOMO style photographed interface in addition to music, photographed features also will will in "VIVO" series smart phone are is large of filled, 8 million pixel camera of imaging capacity undoubtedly, in photographed interface Shang also will will joined fun colorful of LOMO effect style, let photographed more of rich, and interesting. as communications industry of veteran lenovomobile, Step by step music phones has always won a good reputation for quality products and services, I believe the "vivo" domineering of intelligent machines become available will certainly not disappoint netizens. though this gets the message does not, however, Zhongguancun online step by step mobile channels will be "VIVO" series smartphone sustained attention.

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N900 -N91-N92 debut cool new field trial

In this page read full text (total 3 page) Beijing time on November 11, 2009 monster beats by dre solo, domestic phone brand Yu Dragon cool sent in Beijing held new Conference, launched a paragraph high-end luxury of 3G phone N900 and the series CDMA new, which including N91 and N92. following author on with we together to understanding Xia this several phone. cool sent N900 cool sent N900 is N900 of upgrade version, it has distinguished luxury appearance sharp, and new cool sent 3G operating system, and original Internet four channel, and Faster speed more large store, and COOLMART resources comprehensive upgrade. figure for cool sent N900 phone figure for cool sent N900 phone cool sent N900 border used 18K rose gold build and into casque monster lady gaga, Tan Golden of shell orders whole paragraph phone do explicit elegant of temperament. the machine has unique of 3D stereo interface flip, drops spent opened of unlock design is wonderful. cool sent N900 support CDMA200, and WAPI and CDMA GSM, Is a very good choice for business people. an additional 5 million pixel camera supports auto-focus, as well as built-in GPS navigation system, the functional designs show versatile color. figure a cool N900 phone for cool N900 cool N900 phone the mobile map figure for cool N900 mobile phone accessories for cool N900 mobile phone accessories

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